"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."
Leonardo da Vinci

Expert podiatry, chiropody & medical pedicure

We believe pied à porter is a little different to an ordinary podiatry clinic.

We insist that your feet deserve the absolute best. Whether we’re giving you a simple nail cut, sorting out more complicated, painful problems, or giving your feet a medipedi – a luxurious medical pedicure – our friendly, expert podiatrists will do their utmost to leave your feet healthy and happy and to help you keep them that way.

All our podiatrists are highly experienced and, of course, HCPC registered. If you want to check your foot health specialist is fully qualified, check here on the Health Professions Council website

We treat feet of all shapes and sizes; men, women and children. If you’re unsure whether we can help or what attention your feet might need, please just ask.

Quite simply, we’re here to help you love your feet.


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