"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."
Leonardo da Vinci

Treatments & Prices

Our friendly, expert podiatrists treat almost every type of foot problem with care and expertise. We will always do our utmost to leave your feet healthy and happy - and to help you keep them that way.

15 minutes

Simply Nails £18

An expert nail cut, leaving your toenails in great shape.

30 minutes

Podiatry Treatment £32

A comprehensive treatment where where we’ll address everything that we need to – nails, corns, callus and anything else we find - to make your feet feel much more comfortable.

45 minutes

Podiatry Plus £40

A comprehensive treatment allowing the time needed for especially challenging feet that need extra TLC.

45 minutes

MediPedi from £42

Our own unique combination of full, expert podiatry treatment and luxury pedicure. A MediPedi includes foot soak, exfoliation & massage – to leave your feet feeling fabulous. 45-60 minutes.

15 minutes

Plus Nail Painting £ 8

As an extra to any of the above, we’ll paint your nails beautifully, with base coat, two coats in your choice of colour and topcoat.

45 minutes

Orthotics Consultation £44

A comprehensive consultation where we assess your individual requirements, to find the right orthotic solution for your feet. Prices for the orthotics themselves vary and will be quoted at this consultation.

15 minutes

Review / Re-dressing £15

For when you need to come back in for a quick visit.

1 - 2 hours

Toenail Surgery or Wilde-Pedique Nail Reconstruction POA

Children’s feet require the same care and attention as adults’ feet so child appointments are usually also charged at the above rates.



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